Life's an empty room
until you furnish it

When the writing is written the artist must go.


Rick Santorum compares Obamacare to apartheid

BO and RS talking about Nelson Mandela as if they respect him when neither of them agree with him or understand him while they seque into Obamacare. How stupid are Republicans? If they buy into this BS then they have never looked at themselves closely enough to figure out from whence their values did cometh!


8 of Spades for MCARD (a deck of cards designed by artist at MCAD)! Look for the kickstarter in January!!

Chloe’s card is awesome! …and a little bit scary!

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Preliminary sketch for Neil Gaiman’s ‘Coraline’.


dad: I call this pumpkin “The Last Scarebender”

im laughing rly hard my dad is the best

I was inspired by my daughter Chloe who carved an awesome scene of a dude hanging by the neck from a tree limb, very spooky, made me want to try something different!

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My new app is on the app store, So go get all spiritual on your bad self!



How skeptics view global warming vs. how realists view global warming 

Handy gif. 



seriously I’ve been promising one since I hit 200 followers oops

as you can see I put a lot of effort into these images so I hope you enjoy


there will be three winners

  • FIRST PLACE: custom button design or full body drawing with color and simple shading
  • SECOND PLACE: full body drawing with colors, no shading
  • THIRD PLACE: full body lineart or bust with colors, no shading


  • only 1 like and 1 reblog (I don’t even know if more than that counts now??? anyway it’s annoying don’t do it)
  • you don’t have to be following me, but you can if you want!
  • you must have your ask box open! this is how I will let you know if you’ve won
  • you can chose any character, yourself or a friend/lover/celebrity. I don’t care! I would suggest not choosing an animal or a furry simply because I don’t have experience drawing those so I’m not sure how great they would come out!! also nothing nsfw 
  • this giveaway will end NOVEMBER 1ST 11:59 PM CST

if you have any questions just shoot me an ask

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Pop parody song in the tradition of Sparks depicting the story of the original painting by Barry McMahon. All music and video by Barry, aka Bandless B. “Call Before You Dig” is a parody of “American Gothic” by Grant Wood and is from the series by Barry thrusting superheroes into domestic situations.